CosineWave Technologies Inc. has a strong computer security and application development background, and with it provides unique insights into technical challenges facing organizations. With a security focus, CosineWave can provide training or develop applications that improve your company's existing business model rather than force you to accept an incompatible idea of your business.

What is going on with CosineWave right now? CosineWave is currently working with Bengal Technologies on a product called Data Mutanda. Data Mutanda's backend storage and data processing system is designed by CosineWave Technologies to ensure utmost integrity, availability, reliability, and address other security concerns.

If you wish to contract me for business automation, computer security, architecture, training, penetration tests, or software development in VBA, C, Perl, or Ruby, then please leave me a message at 847-380-1835 or email I am also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and will work with projects in need of that requirement.

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—Michael H. Buselli, Principal